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Hydraulic levelling for European Vehicles

After 2 years in development HPC group of companies launched its innovative lightweight hydraulic levelling system. Developed with the European market in mind the jacks have an individual load capacity of 3 to 7 tonnes.

(A vehicle weighing upto 28 tonnes)

Depending on the chassis type and height there are straight and telescopic jacks available. The lightweight aluminium casing is anodised for added protection and is corrosion resistant. The rams are of steel construction and support 2 sizes of feet/ground plate, which tilt up to 12° to overcome uneven ground surfaces. These lock in to place when the rams are retracted, during transport.

The whole system including oil, weighs approximately 40kgs, which makes it the lightest comparable system on the UK market.

It is compact with no bulky controls. The operating control is connected directly to the pump and is fully automatic.

Pricing of the system is based on the size of jacks to be used, and the fabricated brackets, to ensure accurate fit.

For further information please call: 01925 740666 or email:

View the HPC Hydraulic Brochure