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Ferry Good for AL-KO

AS Air Suspension UK Ltd was founded in May 2007 and today is one of the UK’s leading companies in ancillary air suspension.

The AS Air Suspension Systems provide an air ride system which assists the original vehicles suspension, enhancing the overall ride and control of the vehicle. The system is of principal design for the AL-KO chassis, available for single and tag axle vehicles, along with many of the standard type chassis being catered for also. See our ‘Air Suspension’ page for a full application list.

All AS systems include: -

Specifically (model) designed and fabricated, electro zinc coated brackets of steel construction (the expertise of Dutch engineering at its best).

The durability and design of the air springs/bags is such that they will often outlast other component items on any suspension system and therefore the air springs/bags are guaranteed for 5 years giving you many years of enhanced comfort and greater stability in the ride.


A rubber mounted 50Ltr 12volt compressor which enables operation of the system. As air pressure requirements vary with personal preference and application. The beauty of the onboard compressor, allows you the convenience of being able to adjust the vehicles ground clearance on the rear overhang of the vehicle, whatever your suspension needs or requirements are, you are in full control and all this can be performed from the comfort of your seat.

The two-gauge control panel, to operate the compressor, is normally fitted within the cab area of your vehicle, although this is of personal preference. Operating the system is simple, with one switch to raise the air spring/bellows and two push-in buttons to lower. The rear of the vehicle can be lowered at each side independently, or both at the same time. The pressure on the gauges is measured in bars (1bar = 14.7Psi) with a cut off limit of 7bar, so there is no fear of over-inflating.

All of the above along with the following is included in our kits. All airline fittings, are nickel plated compression type (not push fit). The airline is colour coded for Left and Right (10mtrs of each). Cable and fuses along with full fitting instructions. DIY kits are available for non-AL-KO chassis only

We hold parts and components in stock for immediate despatch.

Guarantees & Approvals

The air springs/bags are guaranteed under normal use for 5 years against manufactures defects, with all other system components being guaranteed for 1 year.

Majority of our kits are TŰV approved including the systems for the AL-KO chassis.

AS Air Suspension systems are guaranteed to outperform any other comparable system.